A Little More Background

Architecture is in my blood. 

My dad, uncles and grandpa owned a construction company together at one point. I heard many stories growing up of buildings they built, including the house my grandparents lived in. Grandpa also had a shop which I loved spending time in. Fresh cut wood is the best smell ever! When our family needed more room my dad drew up the plans and built the addition to our home.

I have always loved houses and remember creating designs on graph paper as a young girl, now I get to do it for real, and get paid.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE walking through houses; during construction, open houses, parade of homes, friends and families homes, etc.

When it came to deciding what to study in college, well that was a no brainer. The tougher part was finding the school that had the program I wanted. When I started back to school we lived near Ogden Utah and I started at Weber State University. The degree there wasn’t completely architecture but it was the closest one I could find without driving to Salt Lake every day. Having two children in elementary school and two other little ones, Salt Lake was too far and too expensive.

Two semesters into school my hubby lost his job. He was offered a job in Idaho and he took it.  After finishing my 3rd semester I took 2 years off while moving and getting the family settled. Then finished at Brigham Young University – Idaho with the degree I really wanted.

Our first building experience. 

In 2000 Hubby and I built our first house. Or more accurately we had it built. We had been looking to purchase a home and while out searching for a particular house we had seen a listing for we accidentally stopped at one under construction thinking it was the one we were trying to look at.

The builder let us look at that house and ask many questions about what we were looking for in a house and how much we wanted to spend. He then told us that he could build the house we just looked at for our desired price with a few changes, and he had a building lot already that we could build on.

After looking at the lot he had and discussing the changes that would need to be made in order for the house to fit our budget we agreed to take the plunge and go for it.

This was our first experience building. Hubby had been on the contractor’s side, but never the homeowner’s side. This experience opened my eyes a lot. We learned there are many things to watch out for, but most importantly to be onsite EVERY SINGLE DAY!! I’ll cover several of those things as we go along.

There are many out there that say building a house is hard on a marriage. I can see why, but for us at that time it was all fun.  We didn’t argue on color selections, in fact we usually picked the same one. So far this time we have already had a few disagreements but no drag out fights, I try to take his opinions into consideration and find ways we can both be happy with the outcome or explain why it has to be a certain way.

We are looking at the options of doing some or most of the work ourselves or if we’re just going to let the builder do the work and get in quicker. There are pros and cons to both as well as money saving options either way. I’ll be sharing some of those as we go along.

I want to help you have a great experience designing and building a home, even if you have a builder do the building. I’d love your feedback so don’t hesitate to ask questions or make suggestions of topics you’d like to learn about. 

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