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Finding the best family calendar for your family can be hard. It took me years before I found the best one for my family. I don’t want you to have that problem so I’m sharing the info with you. When you are designing and building a home you need to be as organized as possible, not to mention keeping up with the teenagers!

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Have you ever had one of those weeks when you couldn’t keep your families activities straight? Too many places to go and things to do. But you thought you could keep it all in your head? That was me several years ago. At that time I only had 2 children.


I found a calendar that worked for a while. It basically was two 8.5×11 pages side by side with a spiral ring between them. I liked it so much that when I couldn’t get it anymore I created it in excel and printed and bound my own.

When I started using this calendar I assigned each member of the family a color. It helped bunches, as long as I remembered to write it down. Oh, aaanndd it helps if you check it regularly. Thankfully it was on the fridge so I saw it, may not have always read it, but I saw it.

Electronic calendars

I used that system for several years. Hubby is a computer guy so he likes to try everything that comes out, so he bought me an electronic “organizer”. I just had to remember to match them. That worked better because I could set reminders.

Then I got my first smart phone and found a calendar app. That worked. Until…. I changed phones or the phone kicked the bucket. Then I had to reload EVERYTHING!! And hope I remembered it all.

 The Best Family Calendar!

Then I found the absolute best calendar on the planet!!! Cozi! This is an internet based calendar so even if your phone croaks or you get a new one you don’t lose everything. And… You can access it from any computer anywhere!

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Awesome Features

  • You select a color for each member of the family, including the dog and each vehicle if you want
  •  Every member of your family can have access to the calendar with the family password. Just put their email address in and give them the password!
  • Shopping lists – you can create multiple lists like one for each store you shop at.  As long as you have your phone you always have your list, no more leaving it home on the fridge.  And when Hubby goes to the store on his way home, he has the list.
  • To do lists. Yes, one for each person and you can add many more. Like for building a house or any project you’re working on.
  • Recipes – you can store your favorite recipes here and access them any time.
  • Menu planning – no more of the “what’s for dinner? “
  • Reminders – you can set it to remind you of your appointments
  • Journal – you can keep a journal of your family on it too.
  • You can print a monthly calendar, weekly, daily, the whole family or just an individual.

Best feature IT’S FREE!!! 

Cozi, the #1 family organizing appGold Features

You can pay for a few more features like the Birthday Tracker, Extra Reminders, Contacts, No Ads, Mobile Shopping Mode and others. I think it’s worth the $19.99 a year. Seriously, you could pay that much for a paper calendar that you have to replace every year. This one you don’t have to rewrite things from year to year.

If you want a great calendar, this is the one I recommend!

This post has affiliate links. If you sign-up or purchase I receive compensation. All opinions are my own.

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