Change is in the Air!

In the near future you will be seeing change around here, from design to content.

Course Adjustment

It is always interesting to me how projects or life evolves from your original plan to somethings else. I have had many experiences in life when I felt I needed to go one direction and then later felt the need to make a minor or major course adjustment. Have you experienced that?

Well I have had that happen again, this time with the blog.

My original thoughts and plans for the blog were to discuss planning, designing and building a home with photography sprinkled in. You can read about my original reason and plans for the blog here. As I have worked on the blog the last month or so I felt drawn to make a minor shift in content.

Tough Decisions

This has not been an easy decision to make. Sometimes I love change and sometimes I find it hard. I struggled with making this change, worrying that the new content didn’t go along with the original line or the name. But….. after much prayer and discussion with friends and family I have decided it will still fit, in fact it might just enhance the original ideas and take this blog to a whole new level!

Changes to Expect

Sooooo, In the coming weeks you will see changes in the look as well as content. The name and tagline will stay the same.

New content will include, but I’m not limiting myself here, decorating, sewing, organizing, and DIY projects. Don’t worry, I will still be including the progress on designing and building the house and the photography as originally planned so you won’t miss out there.

I’m really excited about this change. I’m already starting a list of project ideas. There are so many things I have been wanting to do that I felt guilty about spending time away from the blog and such, now I get to do those projects and share them with you without the guilt!!

Open for Suggestions

If you have any suggestions for projects or things you would like to see please leave a comment below or send me a message. I’ll be starting the projects soon!

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