Learning Patience Part 2

Here’s the second and final part to the Learning Patience post. Enjoy the rest of the journey to where we are today.

# Of Square feet = Your Families Happiness?

If someone had told me a year earlier that I would not only consider, but actually live in a camp trailer, I would have looked at them and laughed. But that is exactly what happened.

We had been trying to figure out a way to move from my mother’s place, but didn’t want to go back to the apartment scene and didn’t want to rent again. We still hadn’t sold the house so we couldn’t build yet.

After much prayer and pondering I approached Hubby with the idea of living in a camp trailer. It took us about 2 months of looking before we found the one we purchased, and another 2 months before we moved into it.

We started out looking at cheap ones, but they were either too small or in really bad shape. So we ended up going more expensive and bigger. We bought a 33’ Kodiak Dutchman with double bunks and a slide out. We LOVE it! We were so grateful that we selected that one.

We had a friend who approached us and offered us a place on their land to park the trailer. So we moved back to the area we love and feel is “home”. There were things that we needed to do to help them and to set up there so we could have all the necessary things to survive.

Hubby likes to joke and he came up with this one: “How many square feet does it take to make a family happy? Well, for ours it is 236.” The move to the trailer was an amazing transformation of our family. I thought when we moved up here there was great transformation in the family, but this beat all.

Moving to the boonies, I mean farm

We were so happy and the kids were free to roam and play all they wanted without worrying about annoying anyone other than their parents. 720 acres is a lot of playing area, they did have to stay out of the hay fields and be careful of the horses but that didn’t faze them.

With the nearest neighbor about a mile away, as the bird flies. You know it’s a good move when you hear your son exclaim “We’re free! We can play and make noise!”

We had power, water and sewer hook ups. Yes we had to help get some of them to the exact spot they wanted the trailer parked but most of it was already there or near. The kids all got to help.

There were many people that worried about us living in the trailer, especially during the winter. We did prepare as best as we could for it by putting a skirting around it and insulating that along with all the pipes. We did have to run on generator for a couple months while we worked on getting power closer to the trailer.

You know several extension cords across the horse pasture just wasn’t a great idea. Needless to say we didn’t have power for part of the winter months, except from the generator.

We will persevere!

One particular night/day will forever be in my heart and mind. It was the first part of December and we got hit with a pretty big storm and then the skies cleared and the temperature dropped.

We weren’t running the generator all the time, just when we needed to charge the batteries or use something that required being plugged in. We didn’t run the heater all night for that reason, but we did use a little propane heater to keep warm. That heater did a great job.

This particular morning we woke up and the temperature in the trailer was about 45-50 degrees. Yep, that’s pretty cold. Hubby and I got up and he got ready for work. He started the burb and the temperature read -26 degrees!! Holy Cold Batman!!! Yep we were cold.

Hubby left for work and I tried to start the generator, and tried for a good 20 minutes and couldn’t get it to start. Now, don’t get upset with him it’s important to him to go to work and be dependable. About half way to the bus stop he felt like someone slapped him upside the head and said go back and take care of your family.

By the time he returned I had heard on the radio that they had canceled school. Good, I didn’t have to wake the kids! I was still struggling to start the generator. He tried a few times and decided it was just too cold to start. So we brought it in the trailer and climbed back in bed.

After an hour or so the generator was warm enough to start, hurray! And it ran almost non-stop for about 2 more weeks. We did have to bring in another heater to put under the trailer since the water lines froze too. We survived and didn’t freeze to death.

House Sitting

This move may not have been the most financially smartest move, since we had to fill the propane tanks every other day and run the generator so much at first. But it was great; our family became even closer than we were, and we learned lots.

This move ended up benefiting not just us, but our friends as well. Our friends ended up needing to go take care of their son who had a head injury and needed a constant companion. Because we were there they were able to go take care of him without worrying about the horses or their house and land. The kids, especially our daughter, loved feeding the horses.

Our wonderful friends told us that since they would be gone all winter we should go stay in their house and watch everything there. So we moved some of our stuff into their house and stayed warm there. While we were staying in their house, power finally arrived at the trailer.

We stayed in their home until the first of March, then we moved back into the trailer. They came back for the summer since the son had married and didn’t need them as much. In the fall they asked us to move back into their house while they went back to help their son. His marriage was dissolving and they were needed again.

We finally sold the house during this period of time. Wonderful, wonderful so very thankful and relieved.

This move to their house was lengthier, we were there just over a year. I am so grateful for their love, friendship, and support during the 2 years we were out there. They are wonderful. Our kids call them grandma and grandpa.

We felt it was time to move on, which worked out good for both families. Would I do it again? Yes, in a heartbeat if we needed to. It was a great time to learn and grow together. People ask all the time how we could do that with 6 people. I tell them we were blessed, and that I think God made things appear and feel larger than they were.

Moving onward

We rented the house we are in now. We were able to help another couple fill a need. They needed someone to watch their house while they moved out of state to “retire” and be closer to the medical facilities they needed. We have been here for about a year and a half.

This house is HUGE! Especially compared to the trailer. 😉 We were able to get everything back out of storage after it being there for 3 years. It was so nice to get all my cooking stuff back out. It’s funny though, you can usually find our whole family in the same room, all together.

These last 7 years have gone by slowly, but quickly. We are looking forward to “putting down roots” in our own home again. I know that I am grateful for the lessons we have learned, even though at the time I may not have looked at them as blessings.

Thanks for following along as I recalled some of our crazy steps to get where we are now. There were many times during these 7 years that we wanted to build and thought we were close. But the Lord had other plans for us.

I would love to hear from you. What experience have you had that you would have laughed at prior to going through it, like my trailer experience?

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