Why I really started this blog

This blog is something that I had never thought I would do. Hubby didn’t even want me to post info of our house on Facebook, needless to say he’s adjusting and being supportive. You do need to understand, his profession is in computers so, he is very conscious when it comes to our family and the internet.

You want me to do what?….

About a month ago I started having thoughts and feeling the need to start a blog and after much prayer, thought and more prayer I felt sharing our experience of building was what I needed to do.

It has been an interesting experience to get to this point with the blog. It still amazes me the things that our Heavenly Father helps us with. I am feeling completely out of my comfort zone with this. I do enjoy talking to people and designing homes, but putting my designing and building journey online…. am I crazy.

I’ve come to the conclusion that as long as I follow what my Heavenly Father wants me to do, I’ll be fine and it will be a great learning and stretching project. While helping with the family finances as well.

Posts to come

Some topics that I plan on covering are:

Why we chose to build.          Is building right for your family?          We’ve chosen to build, now what.          Floor plan design.          Contractors and finances.          Bidding          My bids are extremely out of my price range, now what.          Understanding the ins and outs of a construction contract.          What things to watch for during construction.          I want to cut costs, but not cut out anything; can I do some of the work?          Concrete work          Framing          Roofing          Exterior finishes          Plumbing, electrical,  HVAC          Insulation          drywall          Trim          Painting          Flooring          Lighting          Cabinetry          Appliances          Landscaping

And many, many more.

Is there something missing from that list that you would really like me to cover, please leave a comment. Your comments and questions are welcome, so please don’t hesitate to do so. We can all help each other by asking questions.

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