Why we chose to build?

Heads up this may be a kind of long post, but it tells our story. We enjoyed our first little home for about 10 years. We moved into it just a week before our oldest was born. It was a good starter home. Hubby thought it would be our forever home, but 4 kids later we realized it probably couldn’t be.

I already mentioned that Hubby lost his job and we moved states. Moving to Idaho from Utah meant that we needed to sell our home. I had already reached the point I was ready for a different house, bigger and different layout.  Selling was hard for many reasons. We loved our neighborhood and my Hubby hates change.

When we first decided to sell we listed it online as a “for sale by owner.” We had a few calls but not very many, I think most of them were real estate agents trying to get us to list it with them. One of those agents convinced me that he could sell my house really quickly. Please be VERY, VERY CAREFUL if you receive these calls.

Let me say before I go any farther, not all realtors are bad. In fact there are some really awesome ones out there. Just please make sure you do your homework on the agent and their office before you sign a contract with them. Know exactly what they will and will not do, get referrals and check with them. Also, don’t be afraid to follow up with them during the contract time to make sure they are doing what they said they would do, I wish I had.

We realized months after signing a contract why his sales record was so good. If the house didn’t sell in the first two weeks he would have you drop the price by $20,000 and again in two more weeks if it still hadn’t sold continuing until it was sold. He didn’t even care if you had to take out another loan to pay his commission.

After the 6 month contract was up and the house hadn’t sold and we wouldn’t drop the price like he wanted us to, we tried to sell it again by ourselves with the help of some awesome friends. They were close enough to show it for us since we had already moved out. They showed the house more in the next 6 months than it was shown while listed with the agent.

We still didn’t have any offers and desperately needed to do something so we rented it out for 3 years.

After 3 years we decided it was time to try to sell it again. This time we got recommendations from friends and family for a real estate agent able company.  The agent we chose this time was amazing! We had an offer on it within 3 weeks and closed a month later.

What was the difference? The second agent took more time with us and he actually showed the house himself. He also wasn’t trying to sell a certain number of houses in an allotted amount of time. But I think the most important difference was timing, there were things that my husband and I needed to learn and experience before selling that house.

Now, back to why we have chosen to build. When my husband knew he had the job in Idaho we started looking for houses. We looked at a few existing homes and a few under construction. I had a hard time finding one that I liked the layout, especially since I knew what I wanted and could design it myself.

Thanks for reading this, I hope it wasn’t to dry. Is building right for you? I’ll talk about this in my next post. I would love to hear from you.

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  • Love the blog!! We too went through selling a home. In our case, if we didn’t sell before the transfer date the company would buy it. That is they would buy it at about $20,000 below the fair price which we found out about two weeks before leaving California. We quickly worked on selling it ourselves and managed to profit about $10,000. This was in 1984. You really need to know what the facts are whether with a real estate agent or company. We have bought and sold several houses over the years and it is always stressful.

  • Great looking blog! I can’t wait to see its progress through the years.

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